Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Streda rano

G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: wazaaahh !!! changed school today xD in my first school, they blocked WOW internet connection ! :p
G [Linken]: okay thats weird
G [Linken]: how old are u? :D
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: 18
G [Linken]: okay
G [Hallucinate][Remorse]: we will need to delay toc 10 i`m afraid, no real interest
G [Linken]: have to delay boosting me also, im afraid, no real interest there either =/
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: guys, i read on site about copy a char to PTR.. if you copy it, can u play it here aswell? and on ptr?
G [Linken]: no if u copy u can only play on ptr
G [Linken]: u get ur char back when the ptr closes
G [Tricia]: :D
G [Linken]: its actually kinda annoying :<
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: ah, just why i asked... since it's copy.. not paste :P
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: or cut i mean :P
G [Linken]: last time i took the change to join ptr they returned my char with half gear missing...
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: wtf? :O
G [Linken]: chance*
G [Linken]: yeah
G [Linken]: so fucking annoying
G [Linken]: had to wait for 2 weeks
G [Linken]: to get it back
G [Darkfortune][Coldyy]: and how do you log on ptr? is it in your seerver list then or...?
G [Linken]: yeah
G [Linken]: ur account goes to "ptr" mode
G [Linken]: u can only see ptr servers then
G [Linken]: or i mean theres a page like
G [Linken]: "ptr"
G [Linken]: like there is
G [Linken]: english
G [Linken]: and spanish
G [Linken]: etc
G [Linken]: but other servers are grey