Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Další hlášky

[17:23:31] [Leelun]: the new repair bot drops from BeM right?
[17:23:36] [Ilandra]: ye
[17:23:58] [Bloodyrage]: whats bem?
[17:24:15] [Leelun]: where am i?
[17:24:21] [Bloodyrage]: dunno
[17:24:27] [Leelun]: shift click
[17:24:28] [Bloodyrage]: where are u?
[17:25:00] [Bloodyrage]: says [Bloodyrage]: Level 70 Night Elf Warrior - Shattrath City

[00:55:21] [Leelun]: deliverance GAVE THE ILLIDAN BOW TO A ROGUE
[00:55:42] [Arnhem]: hahaha
[00:56:08] [Leelun]: [Black Bow of the Betrayer] TO A ROGUE
[00:56:32] [Crîsîs]: would be sad if he dosent have anything better
[00:57:02] [Kenjira]: lol :D
[00:58:03] [Arnhem]: idd oO
[00:58:08] [Arnhem]: its crap for rogue wtf
[00:58:12] [Arnhem]: its prolly for pvp :p
[00:58:23] [Crîsîs]: ye...he will mana drain in arena
[00:58:29] [Arnhem]: yea :P
[00:58:50] [Crîsîs]: "plz stand still for a few hours while i drain you"
[00:59:20] [Arnhem]: xD

15:47:12] [Xhadeso]: ganna log again guys going out -.-
[15:47:17] [Xhadeso]: bye :D
[15:47:20] [Máwien]: later ;D
[15:47:20] [Masamune]: laters
[15:47:38] [Prippan]: what does he mean going out what is that
[15:47:55] [Crîsîs]: he is going outland
[15:48:23] [Prippan]: aha ok that is cool i hear many say that they are going out but i never understod what it meant
[15:48:34] [Prippan]: :)
[15:48:41] [Máwien]: haha
[15:48:42] [Crîsîs]: pfff its obvious
[15:48:48] [Crîsîs]: out = outland Oo

[15:26] [Zakaandorei] whispers: Oh, well, there's, let's see...what do you call two gnomes at the bottom of a lake?
[15:26] [Zakaandorei] whispers: A good start. *ba dum tish*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

WoW Lamer CZ

[21:18:25] [gne] [Flopsaiid]: The Vials of Eternity ten druhej je z kýltase ?
[21:18:30] [gne] [Sizune]: j
[21:18:34] [gne] [Sizune]: :D

[16:03:29] [Trtlo] whispers: preco mas modre meno a ostatny zelene?
[16:03:57] To [Trtlo]: modry je friend
[16:04:04] [Trtlo] whispers: a zeleny?
[16:04:15] [Trtlo] whispers: aha doslo mi :D
[16:04:19] To [Trtlo]: :)